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Tag: Album: Only the Generals Gon Understand (2019)

Kevin Gates – World Luv Lyrics

World Luv by Kevin Gates (Yung Lan on the track) I’m with you, nigga, hold your heads, you heard me? I kow what you goin’ through You know (Hey, I’m […]

Kevin Gates – Rich Off Lyrics

Rich Off by Kevin Gates With the shit, I took the day off (You a big dawg) Just to spend some of this money, I’m a big dawg (D.A. got […]

Kevin Gates – Luv Bug Lyrics

Luv Bug by Kevin Gates Yung Lan on the track What up, lovebug? You my little lovebug, you hear me? You know I love when you be gettin’ mad at […]

Kevin Gates – Yukatan Lyrics

Yukatan by Kevin Gates I’m in the Yucatan What up love Say look Bitch doin’ everything it s’posed to do but Them baby’s, they ’bout to vomit They say this […]

Kevin Gates - Big Gangsta Lyrics

Kevin Gates – Big Gangsta Lyrics

Big Gangsta Lyrics by Kevin Gates [Kevin Gates] Soda on it see what it do Yeah, all night, all night A hunnid of ’em just sold it all (Take it […]