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Tag: Album: ORION (2019)

X Ambassadors – SHADOWS Lyrics

SHADOWS Lyrics by X Ambassadors I could spend a lifetime lookin’ for something Waitin’ for the one, but it’s never comin’ Miles and miles, but I can’t stop runnin’, can’t […]

X Ambassadors – WASTELAND Lyrics

WASTELAND Lyrics by X Ambassadors Did you settle on an old town ego? Did you settle all your debts, my dear GPS to the Lincoln tunnel And we finally in […]

X Ambassadors – RECOVER Lyrics

RECOVER Lyrics by X Ambassadors I will recover I’ll be okay I will recover I’m gonna own my pain I will recover today How did I get here? Chasing black […]

X Ambassadors – HISTORY Lyrics

HISTORY Lyrics by X Ambassadors Said all my piece, said all that’s left to say There’s still blood in your cheeks, your eyes look like miles away And I hope […]

X Ambassadors – RULE Lyrics

RULE Lyrics by X Ambassadors And I can’t get a grip, no, no, no, no, no Feeling like I’m always losing control against Nobody leaves this game alive Please, babe, […]

X Ambassadors – QUICKSAND Lyrics

QUICKSAND Lyrics by X Ambassadors Mama don’t sleep well She worries ’bout the kids all night And the kids don’t eat well They worry ’bout the mama so they hustle […]

X Ambassadors – CONFIDENCE Lyrics

CONFIDENCE Lyrics by X Ambassadors You make me lose my confidence (Yeah) You make me lose my confidence, confidence Bold as a lion Tony the tiger But my confidence wavers […]

X Ambassadors – HEY CHILD Lyrics

X Ambassadors Lyrics HEY CHILD [X Ambassadors] I heard you got arrested in the street last night You called me with a voice I didn’t recognize So you’re numbin’ the […]

X Ambassadors - BOOM Lyrics

X Ambassadors – BOOM Lyrics

BOOM Lyrics by X Ambassadors [X Ambassadors] My feet go boom boom boom Boom boom boom, boom boom boom My heart beats boom boom boom Boom boom boom, boom boom […]