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Tag: Album: Party Pack Vol. 2 (2019)

Shoreline Mafia – Caribbean Lyrics

Caribbean by Shoreline Mafia Ron-Ron do that s--- BeatBoy taught me I’m ballin, you n----- double dribblin’ In the Caribbean with fishes and amphibians I told you once before, you […]

Shoreline Mafia – Mind Right Lyrics

Mind Right by Shoreline Mafia I just popped a Perc’, get my mind right (Mind right) B----, I want some money, not no limelight (Not no limelight) Me and all my n-----, we beyond […]

Shoreline Mafia – Chandelier Lyrics

Chandelier by Shoreline Mafia Diamond  wet, diamond clear On  my wrist, on my ear On my neck a chandelier I sip lean, I don’t really do no beer Diamond  wet, […]