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Tag: Album: Polaris (2020)

Aitch - Zombie lyrics

Aitch – Zombie lyrics

Zombie By Aitch (Woah Kenny) Pull it back and make it clap Fucking up the map Got me fillin’ up the MAC Shit, the studio my trap Fiends knocking at […]

Aitch - Moston lyrics

Aitch – Moston lyrics

Moston By Aitch Gucci on my ends M-O-S-T-O-N From the lane to the ave Couple friends in the trench Haters and snakes, yeah, there’s plenty of them (WhYJay) Couple shady […]

Aitch - Tiggered lyrics

Aitch – Tiggered lyrics

Tiggered By Aitch Yo (Nastylgia) Came in the rave with her two mates Made her buss down like Blueface Try complain that her shoes ache I just swerve that for […]

Aitch - Like Them lyrics

Aitch – Like Them lyrics

Like Them By Aitch (AoD) No one to impress but myself, no, I ain’t tryna be like them (Woo) Busy on the move, bro in a cell, I still haven’t been to see my […]

Aitch - Raw Lyrics

Aitch – Raw Lyrics

Raw By Aitch I think they want more Fuck drip, I’m makin’ it pour Great on all fours, oh, she’s my baby, take her on tour (Woo) Shake on the […]

Aitch x AJ Tracey – Rain Lyrics

Rain By Aitch x AJ Tracey Yeah (Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up) I said “Say my name” (Say it) First class flight to L.A, as soon as I land, […]