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Tag: Album: Pressure (2019)

Wage War – Ghost Lyrics

Ghost by Wage War You only feel my ghost I’m a stranger to my family And a ghost to those I love The further that I go it seems like […]

Wage War – Hurt Lyrics

Hurt by Wage War Does it ever go away? Or will I always feel this way? Feels like I’m cursed by this burn And it all adds up to hurt […]

Wage War – Low Lyrics

Low by Wage War Don’t keep on telling me that I’m gonna pull through When you don’t know low like I do I’m afraid of the things I don’t say […]

Wage War – The Line Lyrics

The Line by Wage War Where do we draw the line? Closed in, learning how to cope with The fear of knowing That we’re afraid to change Roped in, fraying […]

Wage War – Fury Lyrics

Fury by Wage War Fury My scars have shown me who to be Held me down, pushed around but never buried me No compromise, no fear of pain I fight […]

Wage War – Forget My Name Lyrics

Forget My Name by Wage War Try and hold me back but you won’t I promise ‘Cause I’m not losing sleep over what you say I will never rest till […]