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Tag: Album: Pretty Psycho (2019)

Ann Marie – Main Thing Lyrics

Main Thing Lyrics by Ann Marie I wanna be your escape When you feel the walls are closing in I wanna heal your pain Baby, you know you can call […]

Ann Marie – In a Minute Lyrics

In a Minute Lyrics by Ann Marie (Feat. Q Money) [Q Money] That pussy be wet like a river, like a river I swear I’m gon’ make her feel it […]

Ann Marie – Touch Me Lyrics

Touch Me Lyrics by Ann Marie Touch me, tease me, please me, bae Go deep, make me weak when you eat, bae Change the sheets, I made a leak, I’m […]

Ann Marie – Low Key Lyrics

Low Key Lyrics by Ann Marie Tired of waiting, why you playin’? See baby, I’m losing patience So frustrated, conversations, debating if we gon’ make it ‘Cause I’ll be damned […]

Ann Marie – Property Lyrics

Property Lyrics by Ann Marie [Ann Marie] See they don’t like the fact you fuck with me But I don’t give a fuck ’cause boy, you know you’re stuck with […]

Ann Marie – Sexting Lyrics

Sexting Lyrics by Ann Marie Baby, come spend the night I’ve been missing you Can only imagine all the things that we can do You been on my mind I […]