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Tag: Album: Queen Of Da Souf (Deluxe)

Mulatto - Sex Lies Lyrics

Mulatto – Sex Lies Lyrics

Sex Lies Lyrics – Mulatto Peep the way I put it on you, we vibin’ ‘Til you slide when it’s five in the morning Keep the ice when I ride […]

Mulatto - Step It Up Lyrics

Mulatto – Step It Up Lyrics

Step It Up Lyrics – Mulatto Big Latto One nigga ain’t enough, gotta step it up Yeah, need two niggas now, I’ma level up Just gettin’ started, I ain’t lettin’ […]

Mulatto - Stank Lyrics

Mulatto – Stank Lyrics

Stank Lyrics – Mulatto (Pooh, you a fool for this one) I walk like, I talk like, I act like, I look like I think like my shit don’t stank […]

Mulatto - Spend It Lyrics

Mulatto – Spend It Lyrics

Spend It Lyrics – Mulatto Big Latto Everything big Lately, I been feelin’ like Gotta make the money, can’t let the money make you (D-Diego) (Ba-Ba-Bankroll Got It) Yeah, yeah […]