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Tag: Album: SAVE ME (2019)

Future – Extra Lyrics

Extra by Future (FBG FXX with me, it’s more number ones to tend to) Talk to a baddie, call me in traffic Come up to Magic you tryna see me […]

Future – Government Official Lyrics

Government Official by Future Please stop what you’re doing, yeah, yeah, yeah FBG FXX with me, it’s more number ones to tend to I just went out to Morocco to […]

Future – Shotgun Lyrics

Shotgun by Future Shot, shot (Shot, shot) Gun (Gun, gun) Shot, shot (Shot, shot) Gun (Gun, gun) Gun You wouldn’t mind taking time out (You wouldn’t mind) You got good […]

Future – Please Tell Me Lyrics

Please Tell Me by Future Please tell me one Rolex won’t do Please tell me want the new Bentley coupe Yeah, yeah, yeah (I just told Richie we rich) Please […]

Future – St. Lucia Lyrics

St. Lucia by Future Save me (Turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up) I’m a big dawg (Pluto, I am, yeah) I give a bad, bad, bad bitch some […]

Future – XanaX Damage Lyrics

XanaX Damage by Future La-la, la-la Love seein’ these dreams Oh Over and over Baby, when the sun is out, it’s like I’m not myself Xanax done damage, make it […]