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Tag: Album: Sensational (2019)

Yung Gravy – Gravy for Pope Lyrics

Gravy for Pope by Yung Gravy They sayin’ Gravy for Pope Got the strap with the scope And I give people hope And you b---- tryn’ elope They say Gravy […]

Yung Gravy – Magic Lyrics

Magic Lyrics by Yung Gravy [Yung Gravy] Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh It’s Jason Rich, baby Oh, baby! [Yung Gravy] Gravy get near, your b---- disappear, I call that s--- magic (Woah) She […]

Yung Gravy – Alley Oop Lyrics

Alley Oop Lyrics Yung Gravy (feat. Lil Baby) Aye Drunk in Atlanta I’m at you crib with the pack like I’m Santa (Santa) With a b---- from Havana F--- with […]

Yung Gravy – Pizzazz Lyrics

Pizzazz by Yung Gravy Released : 2018 (Pour some Gravy on it!) You know sometimes they ask me Who do I do it for? You see I do it for […]