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Tag: Album: Sex & Cigarettes (2018)

Toni Braxton – Missin’ Lyrics

Missin’ by Toni Braxton Too many feet on the dance floor Let’s go somewhere so we can be alone Just like a shell on the seashore Baby, I wanna take […]

Toni Braxton - Coping Lyrics

Toni Braxton – Coping Lyrics

Coping by Toni Braxton Wake up in the morning and I’m by myself Sad and so depressed since you left I hate to think you’re smiling with somebody else And […]

Toni Braxton – My Heart Lyrics

My Heart by Toni Braxton I tell myself I love you, because I really care I tell myself I need you, but is that really fair? I really truly love […]

Toni Braxton – Sorry Lyrics

Sorry by Toni Braxton I’m…close by I let you in my life A silly game I stupidly played I should’ve known from the start, I was bound to lose But […]

Toni Braxton – FOH Lyrics

FOH by Toni Braxton It’s been 37 hours, seven minutes, 30 seconds And you still haven’t responded to me Got me on the ledge of crazy but I’m not one […]

Toni Braxton – Long As I Live Lyrics

Long As I Live by Toni Braxton Everybody’s talking about you and her together How could you do that to me? And everybody’s talking about all the wonderful things you […]

Toni Braxton – Deadwood Lyrics

Deadwood by Toni Braxton Can’t believe that I’m home all alone Doesn’t stop me from wanting to see you Why the hell won’t you pick up the phone? Hello? Don’t […]