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Tag: Album: SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE (2020)

Russ – GUESS WHAT Lyrics

Russ – GUESS WHAT Lyrics [Russ] Guess what? I just put my logo in my pool Guess what? I just made a p---- in the booth Guess what? They be […]

Russ – A LOT MORE Lyrics

Russ – A LOT MORE Lyrics Yeah I have been feelin’ drained but We still got a lot more left for y’all, you feel me? You can never let ’em […]

Russ – CAN’T GO ON Lyrics

Russ – CAN’T GO ON Lyrics Baby, baby, why’d you call me out my name? (Yeah, yeah) ‘Cause I made it and I might just do the same (Yeah, yeah) […]

Russ – ASSHOLE Lyrics

Russ – ASSHOLE Lyrics [Russ] People tell me I’m a asshole Tell me something that I don’t know Ask me how I’m so casual I don’t know, it comes natural […]

Russ – ALL TO YOU Lyrics

Russ – ALL TO YOU Lyrics [Russ & Kiana Lede] Ooh, uh, yeah I swear that I wanted you for all of my life, yeah I gave my all to […]

Russ – SHOTS Lyrics

Russ – SHOTS Lyrics No one told me that these shots start addin’ up (No) No one told me I should stop, that I’ve had enough And I’m a little […]