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Tag: Album: Shore (2020)

Fleet Foxes - Sunblind Lyrics

Fleet Foxes – Sunblind Lyrics

Sunblind Lyrics By Fleet Foxes For Richard Swift For John and Bill For every gift lifted far before its will Judee and Smith For Berman too I’ve met the myth […]

Fleet Foxes - Jara Lyrics

Fleet Foxes – Jara Lyrics

Jara Lyrics By Fleet Foxes First sight of the first good morning since you’ve been out of town First time any violet omens don’t shadow me around So you want […]

Fleet Foxes - Featherweight Lyrics

Fleet Foxes – Featherweight Lyrics

Featherweight Lyrics By Fleet Foxes All this time I’ve been hanging on To an edge I caught when we both were young That the world I won wasn’t near enough […]

Fleet Foxes - Maestranza Lyrics

Fleet Foxes – Maestranza Lyrics

Maestranza Lyrics By Fleet Foxes Monday night Loud in the road outside I saw the gate coming down And smoke all around The south hill These last days Con-men controlled […]