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Tag: Album: Singular: Act II (2019)

Sabrina Carpenter – Tell Em Lyrics

Tell Em Lyrics by Sabrina Carpenter Got me in my feelings, mmm What the hell you doing to me? I can’t help what I’m feeling Yeah, ’cause I’m falling down […]

Sabrina Carpenter – I’m Fakin Lyrics

I’m Fakin Lyrics by Sabrina Carpenter We’re picking fights, we’re fully grown How come we get so immature when we’re alone? I roll my eyes, you check your phone You […]

Sabrina Carpenter – In My Bed Lyrics

In My Bed by Sabrina Carpenter Little things become everything When you wouldn’t think that they would Little things weigh so heavily Take my energy ’til it’s gone I wanna […]

Sabrina Carpenter – Exhale Lyrics

Exhale Lyrics by Sabrina Carpenter “Exhale” release date : May 3, 2019 [Sabrina Carpenter] Who put the baby in charge It’s already hard to buy all the parts and learn […]

Sabrina Carpenter – Pushing 20 Lyrics

Pushing 20 Lyrics by Sabrina Carpenter [Sabrina Carpenter] W-w-w-whatcha say Mr. Clean I’m flagging you down for a misdemean’, nah It must look different from your mezzanine You got me, […]