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Tag: Album: Small Mercies (2019)

Pixx – Duck Out Lyrics

Duck Out by Pixx We can’t recall a time when all the world was smiling We failed to hear the truth which is unknown to those speaking it And if […]

Pixx – Eruption 24 Lyrics

Eruption 24 by Pixx If there’s something for the taking, I keep secrets, laughing at the poor, I would share it Are you looking for release? I can tell you […]

Pixx – Hysterical Lyrics

Hysterical by Pixx It was never part of the plan to cheat the old woman Now that is that, she better get on cookin’ Does she seem agitated? Did she […]

Pixx – Mary Magdalene Lyrics

Mary Magdalene by Pixx If you really hate me so Why do you come around? I was listen on the radio I like to tune in for the shitshow I […]

Pixx – Dirt Interlude, Pt. 1 Lyrics

Dirt Interlude, Pt. 1 by Pixx Come on, darling, get into the pool We never see the kids like this anymore Now, the rain pours, ruining everybody’s fun It’s nice […]