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Tag: Album: Smile (2020)

Katy Perry - Teary Eyes Lyrics

Katy Perry – Teary Eyes Lyrics

Teary Eyes By Katy Perry Have you ever lost, lost the light in your life Have you ever left, left yourself behind Have you ever lied and just replied “I’m […]

Katy Perry - Resilient Lyrics

Katy Perry – Resilient Lyrics

Resilient By Katy Perry I know there’s gotta be rain If I want the rainbows And I know the higher I climb The harder the wind blows Yeah, I’ve gone […]

Katy Perry - Tucked Lyrics

Katy Perry – Tucked Lyrics

Tucked By Katy Perry No one knows Knows where my mind goes I keep you on the low I must confess I’ve been painting us The picture makes me blush […]

Katy Perry - Only Love Lyrics

Katy Perry – Only Love Lyrics

Only Love By Katy Perry 86,400 seconds in a day I swear lately most of them Have been a waste I feel them come and go Bury my mistakes But […]