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Tag: Album: Solitude (2020)

Tori Kelly - Glad Lyrics

Tori Kelly – Glad Lyrics

Glad By Tori Kelly There’s a million things I could complain about And sometimes I do, yeah, I’m working on that I see little imperfections and I point ’em out […]

Tori Kelly - Unbothered Lyrics

Tori Kelly – Unbothered Lyrics

Unbothered By Tori Kelly Unbothered, babe I’ve been, feeling brand new I don’t know why but I do (Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, yeah) I’m winnin’, mindin’ my busines No time to stop […]

Tori Kelly - Time Flies Lyrics

Tori Kelly – Time Flies Lyrics

Time Flies By Tori Kelly Yeah I’m outside in an AMG Right outside, TT Too turnt, baby, yeah you know me Still with the ones that I grew beside All […]