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Tag: Album: Solutions (2019)

K.Flay – Only the Dark Lyrics

Only the Dark Lyrics by K.Flay Ease my aching mind, it’s only nature, making things unwind Still I wanna stay right here in the moment When nothing is broken, and […]

K.Flay – Ice Cream Lyrics

Ice Cream Lyrics by K.Flay This isn’t math, it’s a paragraph It’s a pot of gold in a garbage can Should’ve seen the signs at Christmastime When the mistletoe didn’t […]

K.Flay – Good News Lyrics

Good News Lyrics by K.Flay Forecast does say more bad weather But they don’t know nothin’, don’t know never Don’t know nothin’, don’t know nothin’, don’t know never Mare run […]

K.Flay – Nervous Lyrics

Nervous Lyrics by K.Flay I was fine on my own, every night I slept alone The distance kept me safe It’s easier to fake the feel’ than dance around with […]

K.Flay – Not In California Lyrics

Not In California by K.Flay We have not allowed ourselves to comprehend what failure might mean for us Is it a comfort or a curse? A knowledge that we could’ve […]

K.Flay – Sister Lyrics

Sister by K.Flay Everything you do I wanna do Everything you know I wanna know Talk about our secrets till the morning comes Then you let me try on all […]

K.Flay – This Baby Don’t Cry Lyrics

Artist: k.flay Album: Solutions Released: 2019 Genre: Alternative/Indie [k.flay] I used to worry about the way that I walked Like was I talking too loud? And could I hang with […]

K.Flay – Bad Vibes Lyrics

Bad Vibes Lyrics By K.Flay You’ve got a new tattoo Dead on arrival typed out plainly You only like bad news Sleep in your coffin like a baby Beautiful trees […]