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Tag: Album: Spaceman (2021)

Nick Jonas - Heights Lyrics

Nick Jonas – Heights Lyrics

Heights Lyrics – Nick Jonas You said, “You already have my body” “You can take my love” Don’t give it up for just somebody That would be too much Instead […]

Nick Jonas - 2Drunk Lyrics

Nick Jonas – 2Drunk Lyrics

2Drunk Lyrics – Nick Jonas Turn the TV off Make the bed Oh my God, it’s five Once again Pour another drink Pour another drink And take it down All […]

Nick Jonas - Delicious Lyrics

Nick Jonas – Delicious Lyrics

Delicious Lyrics – Nick Jonas Tongue between your teeth and angel eyes I know it’s going down tonight Something in the way you move your thighs I like watching, I […]

Nick Jonas - Sexual Lyrics

Nick Jonas – Sexual Lyrics

Sexual Lyrics – Nick Jonas Set the scene Lipstick on the sheets Who cares about it? Who cares about it? Head back Marvin Gaye on the track Let’s keep it […]

Nick Jonas - Deeper Love Lyrics

Nick Jonas – Deeper Love Lyrics

Deeper Love Lyrics – Nick Jonas Trying to find the words to say Got a feeling that you know what’s on my mind So I’ll let you lead the way […]

Nick Jonas - If I Fall Lyrics

Nick Jonas – If I Fall Lyrics

If I Fall Lyrics – Nick Jonas It’s your fault You came in like a cannonball And opened up the door The one I thought was closed for good You […]