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Tag: Album: Steel Human (2020)

NoCap - Overtime Lyrics

NoCap – Overtime Lyrics

Overtime By NoCap Coulda put a opp on camera, told my shooter please record it I buy it and wear it one time cause I remember I couldn’t afford it […]

NoCap - Instagram Models Lyrics

NoCap – Instagram Models Lyrics

Instagram Models By NoCap Al Geno on the track Ayy I just fucked an Instagram model, she wasn’t even worth it When we sliding, we hit two right back to […]

NoCap - Rich Criminals Lyrics

NoCap – Rich Criminals Lyrics

Rich Criminals By NoCap Al Geno on the track When I’m on the scene, I don’t show no sympathy I got codeine energy, ayy Since I was a teen, all […]

NoCap - Radar Lyrics

NoCap – Radar Lyrics

Radar By NoCap Yeah Al Geno on the track I been tryna move in without the U-Haul In the back of the Benz smoking a new opp And they labeled […]

NoCap - Gangsta Cryin Lyrics

NoCap – Gangsta Cryin Lyrics

Gangsta Cryin By NoCap (Al Geno on the track) Woah Yeah, yeah, yeah He cry, she cry, they cry, but it’s different when a gangsta cryin’ He rich, she rich, […]

NoCap - By Tonight Lyrics

NoCap – By Tonight Lyrics

By Tonight By NoCap (CashMoneyAP) Demons in my life Yeah, uh, uh, uh I got demons in my life, guns on my side Tryna make it out alive, ayy I […]