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Tag: Album: Sunsets & Full Moons (2019)

The Script – The Hurt Game Lyrics

The Hurt Game By The Script It’s been so long, been so much time The years have passed, but still, you’re on my mind So tell me, is it fake or just an illusion? […]

The Script – Underdog Lyrics

Underdog By The Script Just when you think I’ve given up, I start to fight When you think I’ve had enough, I start to bite I’m gonna prove the whole world wrong tonight This […]

The Script – Same Time Lyrics

Same Time By The Script Headphones in, I’m walking by the hotel bar on Fifth Where we got drunk and had that argument The one that meant we had nothing left I’m a mess, […]

The Script – Run Through Walls Lyrics

Run Through Walls By The Script With no visible superpowers Sit in the kitchen and talkin’ for hours You always show up at the perfect time There’s no one born with X-Ray eyes […]