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Tag: Album: Tha Carter V (Deluxe) (2020)

Lil Wayne - Holy Lyrics

Lil Wayne – Holy Lyrics

Holy Lyrics By Lil Wayne (MonstaBeatz) I just bought myself a 9 and my brother a Tech Got too much on my mind, hit the blunt and reflect When I […]

Lil Wayne - Scottie Lyrics

Lil Wayne – Scottie Lyrics

Scottie Lyrics By Lil Wayne Cool N Dre, this is It’s so simple that it’s complicated (Complicated), uh You think about mistakes, that’s when you made ’em (When you made […]

Lil Wayne - Siri Lyrics

Lil Wayne – Siri Lyrics

Siri Lyrics By Lil Wayne Mike WiLL Made-It! Ear Drummas I can’t trust my iPhone, I can’t trust these bitches Haters praying for my downfall, at least they’re religious People […]

Lil Wayne - F Him Good Lyrics

Lil Wayne – F Him Good Lyrics

F Him Good Lyrics By Lil Wayne Uh, we had lunch We talked about love and shit She looked me in my eyes And then said the next dick she’d […]

Lil Wayne - More To The Story Lyrics

Lil Wayne – More To The Story Lyrics

More To The Story Lyrics By Lil Wayne Oh, you ain’t heard? Him and dopeman ain’t cool no more ‘Cause dopeman tried to charge him double for the usual Damn […]