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Tag: Album: The Bastards (2020)

Palaye Royale - Anxiety Lyrics

Palaye Royale – Anxiety Lyrics

Anxiety By Palaye Royale My relations with the man above lately Indecisions have been breaking my sanity Contamination of a twisted society Retaliation when I’m full of anxiety And I […]

Palaye Royale - Nightmares Lyrics

Palaye Royale – Nightmares Lyrics

Nightmares By Palaye Royale Drift into eternal madness Wear a mask to hide my sadness I’ve been losing too much sleep No one can hear when you scream I’ve been […]

Palaye Royale - Masochist Lyrics

Palaye Royale – Masochist Lyrics

Masochist By Palaye Royale ‘Cause I’ve been craving Your sweet haven So I keep turning While your body burns to the ground Well oh no! Well oh no! Yeah, you’ve […]

Palaye Royale - Black Sheep Lyrics

Palaye Royale – Black Sheep Lyrics

Black Sheep By Palaye Royale Do you see what I’ve become? So why are you still holding on, on, on? Something lingers in my veins That’s telling me I’m not […]