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Tag: Album: The Coldest Winter Ever Pt. 2 (2019)

Ms Banks – Again Lyrics

Again By Ms Banks Biggest jewellery in the world! Miami Rymez, Rymez Three in the mornin’ (Three in the mornin’) I hear you callin’ (I hear you callin’) Said you’d […]

Ms Banks – Wifey Tingz Lyrics

Wifey Tingz By Ms Banks Ay, ay, ay, ay Honourable C-Note I’m the hardest out and I been about This ain’t D.M.C., but I run the house What you talkin’ […]

Ms Banks – No Wahala Lyrics

No Wahala By Ms Banks Da Beat Freaks! Don’t play around when I been down Sorry, that can’t run (Can’t run, can’t run) I got the sauce and I’m the […]

Ms Banks – Could It Be Lyrics

Could It Be By Ms Banks Conducta Could it be that you are for me? Something that I couldn’t perceive But I think that we are something meant to be […]

Ms Banks – Snack Lyrics

Snack By Ms Banks Juggu Juggu boys Yuh When she stepped in lookin’ like a snack Mandem ready to attack You know what I want so give me dat And […]