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Tag: Album: The Darker the Weather // The Better the Man (2019)

MISSIO – Shimmy Lyrics

Shimmy Lyrics by MISSIO [Matthew] Fire up some champagne poppin’, party’s never stoppin’ You know I wanna, wanna Find a new year in a fresh start, leave behind the worst […]

MISSIO – Audi A4 Lyrics

Audi A4 Lyrics by MISSIO [MISSIO] Music makes my heart beat on its own Cancels out the issues back at home I like to roll the windows down ’cause you […]

MISSIO – Misfit Lunatic Lyrics

Misfit Lunatic Lyrics by MISSIO [MISSIO] Warriors unfold whether we’re young or old (Oh, oh) Sometimes we take and we pillage for gold (Gold, gold) Titles deserved and the dead […]

MISSIO – Dizzy Lyrics

Dizzy Lyrics by MISSIO [MISSIO] Woke up in the morning feeling cynical, typical Tryin’ to wipe the sleep out my bloodshot eyes, did I just die? Blah, blah-blah, blah-blah [MISSIO] […]

MISSIO - P.O.L.I.T.I.C.S. Lyrics

MISSIO – P.O.L.I.T.I.C.S. Lyrics

POLITICS Lyrics by MISSIO [MISSIO] I don’t drink the Kool-Aid ’cause I’m out of my mind Out of my mind (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) I’m playin’ this beat with a […]

MISSIO – Temple Priest Lyrics

Temple Priest Lyrics by MISSIO ft. Paul Wall, Kota the Friend That’s why they call me Temple Priest, mothafucka That’s why they call me Temple Priest, mothafucka Man, you know […]

MISSIO – Underground Lyrics

Underground Lyrics by MISSIO [MISSIO] Got my bills all paid, not mad about it Got my whip upgrade, not mad about it Got Mexico vaca’, not mad about it My […]

MISSIO – Black Roses Lyrics

Black Roses Lyrics by MISSIO [MISSIO] I am your son, you are my mother I’m on my own, you’re not my lover Don’t tell me how to live I am […]

MISSIO – I See You Lyrics

I See You Lyrics By MISSIO I see you when you’re down and depressed, just a mess I see you when you cry, when you’re shy, when you wanna die […]

MISSIO – Rad Drugz Lyrics

Lyrics for RAD DRUGZ by Missio Written by: Matthew Brue, David Butler, & Dwight Baker [Missio] Another morning freezing And I can’t find my keys And where did I get […]