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Tag: Album: The Melodic Blue (2021)

Baby Keem - cocoa Lyrics

Baby Keem – cocoa Lyrics

cocoa Lyrics – Baby Keem Sit down and drink some champagne with me and let me rap I’m balling with my friends Staring at the money in a trance Lil’ […]

Baby Keem - scars Lyrics

Baby Keem – scars Lyrics

scars Lyrics – Baby Keem I ask God God, why this life you gave so hard? Why all the choices that I make leave me with scars? I feel like […]

Baby Keem - booman Lyrics

Baby Keem – booman Lyrics

booman Lyrics – Baby Keem Huh, I beat the back out the bitch I walk in barefoot like Rick This not the time to confess Sleep with two phones on […]

Baby Keem - vent Lyrics

Baby Keem – vent Lyrics

vent Lyrics – Baby Keem Have you ever been punched in your motherfuckin’ face? What you say? Oh, you haven’t? Alright, wait, bitch Two-phone Baby Keem, fuck you mean? I […]

Baby Keem - 16 Lyrics

Baby Keem – 16 Lyrics

16 Lyrics – Baby Keem Born into status, tell nobody that you never had it Don’t tell nobody that you was a bandit I’m the only one that know about […]