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Tag: Album: The Neon (2020)

Erasure - Tower Of Love Lyrics

Erasure – Tower Of Love Lyrics

Tower Of Love Lyrics – Erasure Stuck in the tower of love The tower of love You whispered in my ear “Don’t go there, don’t go there.” You slept a […]

Erasure - Diamond Lies Lyrics

Erasure – Diamond Lies Lyrics

Diamond Lies Lyrics – Erasure D’ya wanna be there Take a placebo Square in the circle But what does she know Living every second as if it were the last […]

Erasure - New Horizons Lyrics

Erasure – New Horizons Lyrics

New Horizons Lyrics – Erasure When all is lost Don’t you ever give up hope There will be new horizons We will live to love again You’re my love, you’re […]

Erasure - Fallen Angel Lyrics

Erasure – Fallen Angel Lyrics

Fallen Angel Lyrics – Erasure I was so fed up with myself I had to change my ways I was so far off with myself It was the final stage […]