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Tag: Album: The Sailor (2019)

Rich Brian – Curious Lyrics

Curious by Rich Brian Imagine if life was a game Imagine if all of this is fake Imagine if everything ended And we go to Heaven and meet all the […]

Rich Brian – Slow Down Turbo Lyrics

Slow Down Turbo by Rich Brian (Red Lamborghini, red Lamborghini) (Autumn, Autumn) (Light, light, light, light) I ain’t got no red Lamborghini and I ain’t a model Stars on my […]

Rich Brian - 100 Degrees Lyrics

Rich Brian – 100 Degrees Lyrics

100 Degrees by Rich Brian (Tu, wa, ga, pat) It’s  a hundred degrees Why  you feelin’ down? What’s the problem? We just here to be free It don’t feel like […]

Rich Brian – No Worries Lyrics

No Worries by Rich Brian Breakin’ down, I’m barely breathin’ You just hit me where it hurts Findin’ ways to stop the bleedin’ Did I get what I deserve? Call […]

Rich Brian – Vacant Lyrics

Vacant by Rich Brian And I Iet it… Oh, I know it… Fightin’ so much, I forgot how peace feels If you like that memory so much, then you should […]

Rich Brian - Confetti Lyrics

Rich Brian – Confetti Lyrics

Confetti by Rich Brian Uh, blow me like confettis On that green-green, man, I got the absinthe in me Doin’ s--- without thinkin’, hopin’ God forgive me You too toxic […]

Rich Brian – Drive Safe Lyrics

Drive Safe by Rich Brian Feeling left out from the pack, you gotta go rogue Five  years from now, will this even matter? You hope You  don’t know where to […]

Rich Brian – Rapapapa Ft. RZA Lyrics

Rapapapa by Rich Brian Two-face b------ pop out when it’s dark I ain’t finna waste time if I don’t feel a spark on sight That p---- gon’ make me wan’ […]

Rich Brian – The Sailor Lyrics

The Sailor by Rich Brian Not for free No, they know I’m not for free La-la-la-la-la-la-di-da with me Uh The time flies when you spend your nights in the Westin […]

Rich Brian – Kids Lyrics

Kids Lyrics by Rich Brian Ayy, uh I’m puttin’ numbers on the board and blowin’ more digits I haven’t started, man, these are just the before pictures Shout out my […]

Rich Brian – Yellow Lyrics

Yellow by Rich Brian (ft. Bekon) How do I disappear without anybody knowing? Will anybody even miss me when I’m gone? Bottle full of liquor, I’ma drown tonight Life looks […]