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Tag: Album: The Search (2019)

NF – Thinking Lyrics

Thinking by NF Yeah, growing up, yeah Know a lot, but I don’t know enough What you doin’ here? Why you even showin’ up? Yeah Showin’ up for tryna show […]

NF – Options Lyrics

Options by NF Look, I don’t know what’s gotten into me I could be off of my rocker potentially Bigger I get, the more they thinkin’ less of me Don’t […]

NF – Like This Lyrics

Like This by NF Yeah, holding back Yeah, I’ve always been good at that, unattached (Yeah) Waiting for what’s coming next, things I know I should address I feel more […]

NF – No Excuses Lyrics

No Excuses by NF Yeah, I got no excuses Ayy, yeah, they asked me where I learned to do this Self-taught, checkin’ things off my to-do list Treat my temper […]

NF – I Miss the Days Lyrics

I Miss the Days by NF I miss the days when I had a smile on my face and Wasn’t so caught up in all of the small things Wasn’t […]

NF – Hate Myself Lyrics

Hate Myself by NF I don’t see you like I should You look so misunderstood And I wish I could help But it’s hard when I hate myself Pray to […]

NF – -Interlude- Lyrics

-Interlude- by NF My most considered, like, “successful” moment of my life was the worst. The most depressed I’ve ever been. Literally feeling like I’d probably be happier if I […]

NF – Let Me Go Lyrics

Let Me Go by NF Talk to you with my hands tied Walk towards you on a fine line Everybody has a dark side I feel embarrassed when they see […]

NF – Only Lyrics

Only by NF [Sasha Sloan] I can’t be the only one who’s lonely tonight I can’t be the only— [NF] Yeah, does anybody feel like me? Show of hands, I […]

NF – Returns Lyrics

Returns by NF What is perfect? Not me I’ve been overworking for weeks I go home then purchase some things That I know will not fill my needs Have a […]

NF – Time (Extended) Lyrics

Time (Extended) by NF Even if we both break down tonight And you say you hate me, and we go to bed angry I know everything will be alright I’ll […]

NF – Nate Lyrics

Nate by NF Yeah, sometimes I wanna disappear like I just don’t exist I’ll find a time machine and take me back when I was six Maybe younger, either way, […]

NF – My Stress Lyrics

My Stress by NF Some days, I just wanna leave the negativity in my head I just want relief from my stress I just want relief from my stress Some […]