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Tag: Album: Use Me (2020)

PVRIS - Good to Be Alive Lyrics

PVRIS – Good to Be Alive Lyrics

Good to Be Alive By PVRIS Learning how to swim, but the land’s all dry Feeling like a shark; if I stop, I’ll die (Woah-oh, woah-oh) Veins are lit and […]

PVRIS - Loveless Lyrics

PVRIS – Loveless Lyrics

Loveless By PVRIS Were you always heartless? Did you learn it from your father? The way you ran away from all this? Was I just a target? ‘Cause it’s hitting […]

PVRIS - January Rain Lyrics

PVRIS – January Rain Lyrics

January Rain By PVRIS Always forgive but I can’t forget I’m stuck in a moment The stains on my bed You made permanent An unspoken omen Fell from the high […]

PVRIS - Use Me Lyrics

PVRIS – Use Me Lyrics

Use Me By PVRIS There’s something about you It’s not that I doubt you Angels circle around you ’cause you shouldn’t be on your own I know that you need […]

PVRIS - Wish You Well Lyrics

PVRIS – Wish You Well Lyrics

Wish You Well By PVRIS At the risk of throwing off your center Psychic told me something in September We’d be burning out but always tethered But I never let […]

PVRIS – Gimme a Minute Lyrics

Gimme a Minute By PVRIS Wide awake Just cut the head off of a snake Wanted venom, got a taste You’ll never know how much it takes All the pain […]