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Tag: Album: Virgo World (2020)

Lil Tecca - Actin Up Lyrics

Lil Tecca – Actin Up Lyrics

Actin Up By Lil Tecca Shawty, why you actin’ up? You just gotta move right (Oh yeah) I been takin’ long flights, hope I got a long life (Oh yeah) […]

Lil Tecca - Back It Up Lyrics

Lil Tecca – Back It Up Lyrics

Back It Up By Lil Tecca Back it up and work it Tell me, tell me, what’s the verdict? You gon’ back it up and— Pull up and work it […]

Lil Tecca - Chemistry Lyrics

Lil Tecca – Chemistry Lyrics

Chemistry By Lil Tecca Chemistry Fuck with me, yeah Mhm Fuck with me, yeah We got some chemistry I can tell that’s why she wanna fuck with me, yeah She […]

Lil Tecca - Foreign Lyrics

Lil Tecca – Foreign Lyrics

Foreign By Lil Tecca Census, what you cookin’? Foreign baddies on me, shawty said “Tecca, pull up on me”, she on read She don’t even know me, give me head […]

Lil Tecca - Selection Lyrics

Lil Tecca – Selection Lyrics

Selection By Lil Tecca (Y’all rockin’ with DJ Scheme, lil’ bitch) (Yeah) (My name is) Tryna live with perfection (Nuri hit it, go!) Tryna live with perfection I’ma take it […]