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Album: Voyeurist (2022)

Underoath – I’m Pretty Sure I’m Out Of Luck And Have No Friends Lyrics

I’m Pretty Sure I’m Out Of Luck And Have No Friends Lyrics – Underoath Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, you’re fine All of this is in your mind Focus

Underoath – Cycle Lyrics

Cycle Lyrics – Underoath How is the beginning collapsing over the ending Am I starting a new trend Or am I just chasing my tail again Am I starting to

Underoath – Thorn Lyrics

Thorn Lyrics – Underoath It’s been about a year since I’ve felt any kind of normal No But yet another day goes by, I’m stuck inside my busy mind It’s

Underoath – (No Oasis) Lyrics

(No Oasis) Lyrics – Underoath On the edge of giving in Lost inside the catalyst There’s nothing I won’t try and taste In the dark and overused Left alone with

Underoath – Take A Breath Lyrics

Take A Breath Lyrics – Underoath I waited patiently Till I figured it out and calmed you down You saw it differently You’re my shadow now I’ll cast you out

Underoath – We’re All Gonna Die Lyrics

We’re All Gonna Die Lyrics – Underoath Pull me apart scatter the pieces My lips are moving, but I’m speechless Surround me Lay your hands on me You could just

Underoath – Pneumonia Lyrics

Pneumonia Lyrics – Underoath You could say I’m lost Standing 3000 feet below I couldn’t stay anymore The devil’s calling and I must go I feel like I’m drowning Like

Underoath – Numb Lyrics

Numb Lyrics – Underoath We’re lying through our teeth now there ain’t no fuckin way out I can’t connect I can’t connect Every word I say to you Fades into

Underoath – Hallelujah Lyrics

Hallelujah Lyrics – Underoath Cut the lights Face yourself We’re not dreaming This is hell I can’t remember no remember yesterday I got a taste for apathy I let it

Underoath – Damn Excuses Lyrics

Damn Excuses Lyrics – Underoath You never gave me anything I wanted but I’m stuck in the cycle with you Fuck your revelation and fuck your weak conviction I am