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Tag: Album: we just need some time together – EP (2019)

BETWEEN FRIENDS – iloveyou Lyrics

iloveyou Lyrics by BETWEEN FRIENDS [BETWEEN FRIENDS] Can we go now? [BETWEEN FRIENDS] Weekend You light my fire like a cigarette I see your colors Never forget me We travel […]

BETWEEN FRIENDS - blushing! Lyrics

BETWEEN FRIENDS – blushing! Lyrics

blushing! Lyrics by BETWEEN FRIENDS [BETWEEN FRIENDS] Caught a ride on a summer’s day Green lights never turned to red I see you, am I too scared? French kissing on […]

BETWEEN FRIENDS - affection Lyrics

BETWEEN FRIENDS – affection Lyrics

affection Lyrics by BETWPEEN FRIENDS [BETWEEN FRIENDS] You’re taking what you want right from me Wrapped up in so much Life is just the way you hold me You pick […]