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Tag: Album: You’re A Dog! (2019)

Remi Wolf – Rufufus Lyrics

Rufufus by Remi Wolf: Locomotive love turning me on It’s a slowing forward motion I pay two dollars just to ride the bus And my baby she’s rich That bitch do anything she pleases […]

Remi Wolf – Guy Lyrics

Guy by Remi Wolf: Licking up tables Licking up tables Walking around Something ain’t right with you Not making a sound Ignore the game for two You know that I […]

Remi Wolf – Thicc Lyrics

Thicc by Remi Wolf: You know I want a life down low, know I want a life down low Wonder why I never seem to have control, never really have control Of the time […]

Remi Wolf – Shawty Lyrics

Shawty by Remi Wolf: Shawty know she phony Shawty feeling lonely Shawty picking on me While I’m picking up her laundry Shawty wanna kiss me Like she kissing on her […]

Remi Wolf – Doctor Lyrics

Doctor by Remi Wolf: I’d literally pee outside for you On Hollywood Boulevard I would literally die for you Cuz you broke down my heart I’ll melt your eyes out their sockets Take […]