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Tag: Album: You’re Not Alone (2020)

Josh A - Gravestone Lyrics

Josh A – Gravestone Lyrics

Gravestone Lyrics – Josh A I feel this pressure been buildin’ up Yeah, I feel it in my bones I feel the weight of every choice I’m makin’ when it’s […]

Josh A - Lost Lyrics

Josh A – Lost Lyrics

Lost Lyrics – Josh A You can tell me that I’m perfect ‘Cause you’ve never seen me hurting Only know what’s on the surface Say I’m fine, but I’m not […]

Josh A - Fear (Interlude) Lyrics

Josh A – Fear (Interlude) Lyrics

Fear (Interlude) Lyrics – Josh A What do you fear? Death? Losing everything? Being forgotten? Or if you’d never had to fear again? If you feel nothing, then you fear […]

Josh A - Omens Lyrics

Josh A – Omens Lyrics

Omens Lyrics – Josh A Yeah, I feel all these omens ’round me, it’s been hard to navigate Feels like every new successor try to dance up on my grave […]

Josh A - Warzone Lyrics

Josh A – Warzone Lyrics

Warzone Lyrics – Josh A (Josh A, Josh A, Josh A, Josh A) (Josh A, Josh A, Josh A) Yeah Better be a warzone hatin’ on me But you can’t […]

Josh A - Revenge Lyrics

Josh A – Revenge Lyrics

Revenge Lyrics – Josh A (Fire) Bring it right back to the ends then I’m back on the trends Played sold out shows now I’m back for revenge They don’t […]