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Tag: Alternative

Culture Abuse – Goo Lyrics

Goo Lyrics by Culture Abuse Wish i could ride a bike I’d ride it home to you Cuz lately all my insides feel like goo Wish i knew all the […]

slenderbodies – dewdrops Lyrics

dewdrops Lyrics [slenderbodies] Find the delight That you didn’t know Call it something sweeter Like water on the stone And maybe you did nothing Nothing here at fault You’re tending […]

Morrissey – Morning Starship Lyrics

Morning Starship Lyrics by Morrissey [Morrissey:] Who was that sneaking up the stairs? Taking a hairpin from her hair A vision of the locks fallin’ down Crossed my mind and […]

BANKS – Gimme Lyrics

Gimme Lyrics by BANKS [BANKS] Woah, gimme, yeah-eah-eah Gimme, yeah-eah-eah, gimme, yeah-eah-eah Woah, gimme, yeah-eah-eah Gimme, yeah-eah-eah, gimme, yeah-eah-eah [BANKS] At the rock bottom baby crawl, crawl I let you […]

Liss – Talk to Me Lyrics

Talk to Me Lyrics by Liss [Liss] Talk to me, baby Take me in for a while Talk to me, baby Need to break down your walls Try to give […]

Mat Kerekes – Autumn Dress Lyrics

Autumn Dress Lyrics by Mat Kerekes [Mat Kerekes] Lay on the desert floor, we Are vultures pickin’ scraps, you Might not make that first swing But I know you’ll connect […]


JUDGEMENT NIGHT Lyrics by HEALTH [Ghostemane] Fillin’ in my gut no blood When I cut to the blood dome [?] And I wanted for the pain No gain, every gain […]

SYML – Bed Lyrics

Bed Lyrics by SYML [SYML] in the still of the night at the foot of your bed i guess i was lost i guess i got in over my head  […]

Jade Bird – Good at It Lyrics

Good at It Lyrics by Jade Bird [Jade Bird] Oh, where’s this goddess? Has she really got it? And are you keeping her away from me? Or did she really […]

Say Yes Dog - Lies Lyrics

Say Yes Dog – Lies Lyrics

Lies Lyrics by Say Yes Dog I’ve been hanging on my bedroom floor, Have been lying about us. I’m sick and I’m tired of those distant call, I don’t wanna […]

Millencolin – Sour Days Lyrics

Sour Days Lyrics by Millencolin [Millencolin] We wake up lonely And feeling small We’re not the only To see the writing on the wall We have our coffees And dump […]

Freak Slug – Disorder Lyrics

Disorder Lyrics by Freak Slug I’ve been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand, Could these sensations make me feel the pleasures of a normal […]

Charlie Cunningham – Sink In Lyrics

Sink In Lyrics by Charlie Cunningham [Charlie Cunningham] Wait ’till it starts to sink in And take up the space that we’re in It’s a promise to change your life […]

Isaac Dunbar – pharmacy Lyrics

p------- Lyrics by Isaac Dunbar [Isaac Dunbar] Mmm, hurt me I kind of developed a taste for it Mmm, hurt me I want the pain between my lips [Isaac Dunbar] […]

Sego – Give Me Lyrics

Give Me Lyrics by Sego [Sego] Ya, ya, ya, uh Ya, uh, stop Keep goin’, keep goin’, keep goin’ [Sego] I think it’s time we all start acting our age […]

BETWEEN FRIENDS – iloveyou Lyrics

iloveyou Lyrics by BETWEEN FRIENDS [BETWEEN FRIENDS] Can we go now? [BETWEEN FRIENDS] Weekend You light my fire like a cigarette I see your colors Never forget me We travel […]

PUP – Scorpion Hill Lyrics

Scorpion Hill Lyrics by PUP [PUP] Up on Scorpion Hill watching life Passing me by in the pale moonlight And I sat there forever, three sheets to the wind It’s […]

Ashe – Moral of the Story Lyrics

Moral of the Story Lyrics by Ashe [Ashe] So I never really knew you God I really tried to Blindsided, addicted Thought we could really do this But really I […]