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Tag: Best Rap Songs of 2018

Blueface Ft. Cardi B – Thotiana Lyrics

Thotiana (Remix) Lyrics by Blueface Ft. Cardi B [Blueface] Blueface, baby Yeah aight Bust down, Thotiana Yeah aight I wanna see you bust down [Blueface] Bust down, Thotiana (Bust down, […]

Lacrim – Bloody Lyrics

Bloody Lyrics By Lacrim Feat. 6ix9ine [6ix9ine] It’s Plata O Plomo for these n----- Lacrim, let that s--- breathe! It’s TR— [6ix9ine] Watch me do my money dance, money dance […]

21 Savage – a lot Lyrics

a lot Lyrics by 21 Savage (Extended) Featuring J.Cole [21 Savage] I love you Turn my headphone down a little bit, yeah For so many reasons Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, […]

Dax – She Cheated Again Lyrics

She Cheated Again Lyrics Dax To be honest I didn’t even want to make this. I knew the topic I would talk about was frowned upon and heavily debated. Everybody […]

Tyga – Dip Lyrics

Dip Lyrics by Tyga Feat. Nicki Minaj Released : 2018 I know you gonna do for the crown, right? D.A. got that dope Yeah, hah First things first, I f---, […]

Kodak Black – ZEZE Lyrics

ZEZE by Kodak Black Feat. Travis Scott & Offset Released : 2018 D.A. got that dope! [Travis Scott:] Ice water, turned Atlantic (Freeze) Night crawlin’ in a Phantom (Skrrt, skrrt) […]

Quavo – BUBBLE GUM Lyrics

BUBBLE GUM by Quavo Released : 2018 Buddha Bless this beat F--- with me and get rich (rich) Popped one off then she fly through the six (six) Keep a […]

Cardi b money Lyrics

Cardi B – Money Lyrics

Money Lyrics by Cardi B Released : 2018 Look, my b------ all bad, my n----- all real I ride on his d---, in some big tall heels Big fat checks, […]


MOONLIGHT by XXXTENTACION Released : 2018 Yeah Spotlight, uh, moonlight, uh N----, why you trippin’? Get your mood right, uh Shawty look good in the moonlight All these p---- n----- […]

Juicy J – Neighbor Lyrics

Neighbor by Juicy J Feat. Travis Scott Released : 2018 [Juicy] Shut the f--- up! Yeah mane We still gettin’ this paper Buddah Bless this beat [Travis Scott & Juicy J] […]

Machine Gun Kelly – LATELY Lyrics

LATELY by Machine Gun Kelly Released : 2018 Machine Gun Kelly – Trap Paris Lyrics Machine Gun Kelly – At My Best Lyrics Oh my god, Ronny Lately, I’ve been […]