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Tag: Best Rap Songs of 2019

Russ – AINT GOIN BACK Lyrics

AINT GOIN BACK Lyrics by Russ Ain’t no f------ way I’m going back Got way too much s--- to take care of And I’m having way too much fun pissing […]

Boogie – Rainy Days Lyrics

Rainy Days Lyrics by Boogie (Feat. Eminem) [Boogie] N----, I wear fur coats in the summer, n---- Wife beaters in the winter, damn Uh, s--- [Boogie] I’ve been thuggin’ through […]

J. Cole – Middle Child Lyrics

Middle Child Lyrics by J. Cole [J. Cole] You good, T-Minus? [J. Cole] N----- been countin’ me out I’m countin’ my bullets, I’m loadin’ my clips I’m writin’ down names, […]