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Tag: Electronic

Major Lazer – Orkant/Balance Pon It Lyrics

Feat. Babes Wodumo Released : 2018 Hehee, ey Ngiyabasaba.Ngiphethe ama Legend (Sengiwelile. Sise Oorkant manje. Oorkant. Hayi ngayigenqela. N****) Kuth’ ang’gijime kuth’ angiyibambe Kuth’ ang’gijime (Kuth’ ang’gijime), kuth’ angiyibambe (kuth’ […]

San Holo – Surface Lyrics

Surface by San Holo Feat. Caspian Released : 2018 Slow down You’re racing ahead Drown out The words that they said Won’t you Come up for air When you surface […]

NIVIRO – Fast Lane Lyrics

Fast Lane by NIVIRO Feat. PollyAnna Released : 2018 Silent nights recalling you A souvenir of what it could be Pieces of my mind are yours And i forget the […]

San Holo – brighter days Lyrics

brighter days by San Holo Feat. Bipolar Sunshine Released : 2018 Vivid visions of us carry on Think I’ve found the light it’s been so long I better hold on […]