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Tag: EP: 2WAYMIRROR (2019)

Gabbie Hanna – Goodbye, For Now Lyrics

Goodbye, For Now Lyrics by Gabbie Hanna Maybe, maybe, maybe Maybe, maybe, maybe Maybe we could meet again as strangers Start over, get to know each other Make another first […]

Gabbie Hanna – Chances Lyrics

Chances Lyrics by Gabbie Hanna You do the same thing over and over and over And you keep promising that you’re going to not do this thing over and over […]

Gabbie Hanna – Medicate Lyrics

Medicate Lyrics by Gabbie Hanna I’m unwell, thanks for asking Don’t mind me ’cause I’m just passing by In this life, been a while Thought that you forgot, but that’s […]

Gabbie Hanna – Pillowcase Lyrics

Pillowcase Lyrics by Gabbie Hanna I don’t wanna come to your party But I want the invitation I don’t need to hear you say you’re sorry But I need the […]