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Tag: EP: #GRWM (2020)

Ceraadi - She Ain't Me Lyrics

Ceraadi – She Ain’t Me Lyrics

She Ain’t Me Lyrics – Ceraadi Who is she? Oh my You been laying low Now I know why Ooh, you wasted no time You tried to build a replica […]

Ceraadi - On God Lyrics

Ceraadi – On God Lyrics

On God Lyrics – Ceraadi See you walkin round all moody Got drama like a movie Low key hype but you ain’t act right Cuz I’m going out tonight I […]

Ceraadi - Out My Face Lyrics

Ceraadi – Out My Face Lyrics

Out My Face Lyrics – Ceraadi We not here for long time We only here for a good time We can keep it on the down low It won’t hurt […]

Ceraadi - Red Button Lyrics

Ceraadi – Red Button Lyrics

Red Button Lyrics – Ceraadi There’s many ways that I could tear you apart Or better yet click clack, I’m the trigger let’s start You a dub, a once was, […]

Ceraadi - Favorite Lyrics

Ceraadi – Favorite Lyrics

Favorite Lyrics By Ceraadi Watch the way I work it I know I’m that flav That they wanna taste yea When this body in motion You need that in doses […]

Ceraadi – Secure The Bag Lyrics

Secure The Bag By Ceraadi We just secured bag I’m seein’ why all you hoes mad Alla y’all talkin that rah rah But we out here countin that cash We […]