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Tag: EP: In A Dream (2020)

Troye Sivan - STUD Lyrics

Troye Sivan – STUD Lyrics

STUD By Troye Sivan Hey, stud, you can come And you can come and meet me out front You got all the muscles and the features I want And I […]

Troye Sivan - Rager teenager! Lyrics

Troye Sivan – Rager teenager! Lyrics

Rager teenager! By Troye Sivan Hey you Where you been hanging out lately? (You) Sleeping and spending nights, wasting time Never thought I’d see you again in my life Why […]

Troye Sivan - Easy Lyrics

Troye Sivan – Easy Lyrics

Easy By Troye Sivan Lyrics: You ran away to find something to say I went astray to make it okay And he made it easy, darlin’ I’m still in love […]