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Tag: EP: Keep In Touch (2020)

Jake Scott - 2014 Lyrics

Jake Scott – 2014 Lyrics

2014 Lyrics By Jake Scott Packing up out the driveway Memorized every light to the highway Mattress on the floor in a new place Ex girl’s older sister found my […]

Jake Scott - Open Eyes Lyrics

Jake Scott – Open Eyes Lyrics

Open Eyes Lyrics By Jake Scott You size me up but hide it in a question You think it’s love, but really it’s a weapon And we scream for change […]

Jake Scott - Maybe Lyrics

Jake Scott – Maybe Lyrics

Maybe Lyrics By Jake Scott Maybe it’s better if we don’t call it love It’s better if we don’t call it love Don’t wanna get ahead of ourselves When it’s […]

Jake Scott - CWJBHN Lyrics

Jake Scott – CWJBHN Lyrics

CWJBHN By Jake Scott You said your favorite kinda weather is a rainy day And it’s rainin’ in LA You said, “Lets drive, I wanna take you to my favorite […]