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Tag: EP: Orange (2019)

Landon Cube – Scarface Lyrics

Scarface by Landon Cube I still remember days they said I was insane Like I’m Scarface yeah Tony Montana But no way, I still got the same damn dreams So […]

Landon Cube – 17 Lyrics

17 by Landon Cube Hm yeah No I ain’t on the east But I miss my mama there Gassin the BNB We do this everywhere Landlord come knockin we don’t […]

Landon Cube – 20 Lyrics

20 by Landon Cube Out the back I lost my mind, I found it waiting for me out the back (ooh) Where I left my better memories at I wanna […]

Landon Cube – Nuisance Lyrics

Nuisance Lyrics by Landon Cube I’ve been acting like a nuisance Screaming “F--- all of these new friends” Woah, yeah It’s the year of my life You cannot tell me […]

Landon Cube – Makeup Lyrics

Makeup Lyrics by Landon Cube [Landon Cube] Your makeup stained my favorite jeans I ain’t washed them in weeks Scratch your name in the seams It’s hard now knowing you’re […]