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Tag: EP: The S(ex) Tapes (2020)

FLETCHER - Sex (With My Ex) Lyrics

FLETCHER – Sex (With My Ex) Lyrics

Sex (With My Ex) By FLETCHER I know it’s been a couple months, yeah, we should meet up I’ll meet you downstairs at the Subway station (Ooh-ooh) We don’t gotta […]

FLETCHER - The One Lyrics

FLETCHER – The One Lyrics

The One By FLETCHER Last night I had a dirty dream about you, baby I’m just thinking maybe we should make it real Turn off, sip on some kinda cheap […]

FLETCHER - Feel Lyrics

FLETCHER – Feel Lyrics

Feel By FLETCHER I remember that time when you took my hand Looked in my eye and said, “I got you, darling” Shivers up my spine and down my back […]

FLETCHER – Bitter Lyrics

FLETCHER – Bitter Lyrics

Bitter By FLETCHER It’s like being on the outside of an inside joke It’s like when they only got Pepsi but you really want Coke It’s like you finally get […]