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Tag: Father of All… (2020)

Green Day – Sugar Youth Lyrics

Sugar Youth By Green Day What are the symptoms of our happiness and Civil War? Mano y mano in stereo without a cure I’ve got a fever a non-believer and […]

Green Day – Junkies on a High Lyrics

Junkies on a High By Green Day My mama said to me, “you’re gonna have your enemies Don’t beg, don’t follow” I’ve heard it all before, I smashed my fingers […]

Green Day – Graffitia Lyrics

Graffitia By Green Day Another one down at the mining town Breakin’ it down for the lame wager Callin’ the shots from the capital All that we got was the […]

Green Day – Oh Yeah! Lyrics

Oh Yeah! By Green Day I’m in a crowd full of angels and demons I’m looking out for the jingoes and heathens Nobody move and nobody gonna get hurt Reach […]

Green Day – Father of All... Lyrics

Green Day – Father of All… Lyrics

Father of All… by Green Day I woke up to a message of love Choking up on the smoke from above I’m obsessed with the poison and us What a mess? Because there’s […]