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Tag: Folk

Faye Webster – Kingston Lyrics

Kingston by Faye Webster The day that I met you I started dreaming Now I write ’em down if I remember in the morning time I don’t know that much […]

Silvana Estrada – Carta Lyrics

Carta Lyrics by Silvana Estrada [Silvana Estrada] Yo sé que eres libre de irte Como también de quedarte Hasta que afinemos gestos Y olvidarnos del lenguaje Que baste con la […]

Henry Jamison – True North Lyrics

True North Lyrics by Henry Jamison [Henry Jamison] Driving west and looking right It was a wild sight The whole pine forest was alive And the night sky [?] of […]

MXMS – After Night Lyrics

After Night Lyrics [MXMS] The lightning On your face You stole The world From me Your voice Is in my lungs You are right Where I belong But now your […]