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Tag: For the Throne (Music Inspired by the HBO Series Game of Thrones) (2019)

ROSALÍA – Me Traicionaste Lyrics

Me Traicionaste Lyrics by ROSALÍA (feat. A.CHAL) Full Lyrics Will Be Available Soon, Check Back Later. ROSALÍA Lyrics For The Throne (Music Inspired by the HBO Series Game of Thrones) […]

James Arthur – From The Grave Lyrics

From The Grave Lyrics by James Arthur [James Arthur] I never meant to leave you there A crown of roses in your hair Along with everything you’ve ever feared In […]

The National – Turn On Me Lyrics

Turn On Me Lyrics by The National [The National] Do you see rhythms in the ocean water when it reflects the moon? If it hasn’t already happened to you, it’s […]

X Ambassadors - Baptize Me Lyrics

X Ambassadors – Baptize Me Lyrics

Baptize Me Lyrics by X Ambassadors (feat. Jacob Banks) Cutting all ties, won’t you baptize me? Cause life sometimes got me on my knees I’ve been praying for redemption Learn […]

Ellie Goulding – Hollow Crown Lyrics

Hollow Crown Lyrics by Ellie Goulding [Ellie Goulding] You know you’re fighting in a losing battle Making a noose out of your hollow crown I hold a match up to […]

The Lumineers – Nightshade Lyrics

Nightshade Lyrics by The Lumineers [The Lumineers] Some of us like to think of life as a game Others are born into royalty and can never behave Some find a […]

Maren Morris – Kingdom of One Lyrics

Kingdom of One Lyrics by Maren Morris [Maren Morris] First light, a sacrifice Bird’s eye, saw the signs Cold nights will take your life Reach out and touch your faith […]