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Tag: FREE TIME – EP (2019)

Ruel – Hard Sometimes Lyrics

Hard Sometimes by Ruel: I’m waking up my mind I’m just trying to kill the silence I’m ripping off the blinds I’m just trying to let some light in I’ve been on the road, […]

Ruel – Don’t Cry Lyrics

Don’t Cry by Ruel: You’ve been on and on again And this time, I’m not listening It’s been minutes since we’ve spoken last Already talking to my friends You can’t admit it that you […]

Ruel – Free Time Lyrics

Free Time by Ruel: My eyes are shut, sleep too much Probably should get up, but what’s the rush? Brush my teeth, but not my hair I used to for […]

Ruel – Real Thing Lyrics

Real Thing · Ruel I’m so sick of thinking, staying up at night I don’t wanna play around, that ain’t on my mind When I think of other faces, problems […]

Ruel – Face To Face Lyrics

Face To Face By Ruel I love that new dress you bought Yeah you sure look nice Heard you liked that new restaurant I know I’ve been there twice And […]

Ruel – Painkiller Lyrics

You’re my painkiller When my brain gets bitter You keep me close You keep me close [Ruel] I got front row seats for the park side livin’ Feel like the […]