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The 1975 – 102 Lyrics

102 Lyrics The 1975 Well we’re here We’re at the common again Smoked six of the ten fags that I only bought an hour ago Said well I I like […]

Mumford & Sons - Beloved Lyrics

Mumford & Sons – Beloved Lyrics

Beloved Lyrics Mumford & Sons Sit enthroned in white grandeur But tired And shift a wisp of wayward silver hair From your eyes I’d never seen you unkempt before As […]

Lewis Capaldi – Grace Lyrics

Grace Lyrics by Lewis Capaldi I’m not ready to be just another of your mistakes I can’t seem to drown you out long enough I fell victim to the sound […]

Lewis Capaldi – Tough Lyrics

Tough Lyrics by Lewis Capaldi Every little part of me is holding on to every little piece of you Is holding on to every drop of blood you drew Is […]

Origins album lyrics

Imagine Dragons – Origins (Album Lyrics)

Album: Origins Release Date: November 9, 2018 General: Alternative Rock, General Origins (Tracklist) 01. Imagine Dragons Natural 02. Imagine Dragons Boomerang 03. Imagine Dragons Machine 04. Imagine Dragons Cool Out […]

Robyn – Ever Again Lyrics

Ever Again Lyrics by Robyn Released : 2018 [Verse 1] Come on, let’s have it out Go ‘head and try a little crazy on me You don’t have to worry […]

IDER – Mirror Lyrics

I can’t stop looking in the mirror Do I really make that face? Can you remind me what I look like? Now I’m alone in my own place Heal me, […]

Take That – Out Of Our Heads Lyrics

Out Of Our Heads by Take That Released : 2018 Eye-poppin’, gate-crashin’, light-flashin’, fence-hoppin’ love Mind-spinnin’, back-breakin’, soul-takin’, heart-stoppin’ love So take a minute Take your heart to the limit […]

Dj Snake – Taki Taki Lyrics

Taki Taki by Dj Snake Feat. Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B Released : 2018 [Ozuna:] Wo-oh, oh-oh Bailame como si fuera la última vez Y enséñame ese pasito que […]

Brett Young – Here Tonight Lyrics

Here Tonight by Brett Young Released : 2018 If ever I get lost in your eyes tonight Please just let me stay right there a little bit longer Underneath the […]

The 1975 – Sincerity Is Scary Lyrics

Sincerity Is Scary by The 1975 Album: A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships Released : 2018 And irony is ok, I suppose, culture is to blame You try and mask […]

Paul McCartney – Dominoes Lyrics

Dominoes By Paul McCartney Album: Egypt Station Released : 2018 In time we’ll know It’s all a show It’s been a blast As time goes by We’ll laugh and cry […]