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Tag: Hard Rock

Periphery – Sentient Glow Lyrics

Sentient Glow Lyrics by Periphery [Periphery] Fake it Our way of life so simple Thinking we have it all A choice we’ve made Embrace the world in vain and shun […]

BARONESS – Seasons Lyrics

Seasons Lyrics by BARONESS [BARONESS] Where are the seasons that have passed? Wouldn’t they wait? Staring outside the window, trashed [?] Swimming inside me [BARONESS] Where are the shadows I […]

Periphery – Blood Eagle Lyrics

Blood Eagle Lyrics by Periphery [Periphery] We come for war King of the north and Norse With drums beating, screams repeating and the hammer force of Thor Surrender not enough […]

Disturbed – Down With the Sickness Lyrics

Down With the Sickness Lyrics by Disturbed [Disturbed] Can you feel that? Ah, s---! Oh, wah-ah-ah-ah! Oh, wah-ah-ah-ah! Oh, oh! Oh, oh! Oh, oh! [Disturbed] Drowning deep in my sea […]